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Birthdays, weddings

Today is bb Kelly's 20th birthday! Man, time flies when you're loling all over the place. Sadly, I'm stuck at home feeding the cats (cute, but needy), so I didn't get to actually help sing for her. On the other hand, I do get to talk to her all day via Gchat. (...We're dorks.)

Also spent a great deal of time writing (or, at least, procrastinating because of writing, which any writer knows amounts to the same thing. "What are you doing?" "Writing." "Looks like Freecell to me." "...You don't understand.") Now I'm a little obsessed with the image I wrote of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII in drag, and really really REALLY wishing I could draw worth a damn.

Let's see. This weekend I'll be in San Jose/San Francisco/Napa for our buddy Mario's wedding. I'm excited to see him and Janelle (his soon to be wife) and especially my brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law (look at all those hyphens!), but I'm also really excited to take my new shoes for a spin. Go figure.

This post is mainly about rambling. Not-so-go figure.

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